Incorporating sustainability into our business and our offering is a commitment of TricorBraun Industrial. As the issue becomes increasingly front and center for consumers, investors, and regulators, we know that exploring sustainable options is also very important for our customers. Using a sustainable package is a great way to establish or maintain brand equity by allowing you to market your sustainability story.

At TricorBraun Industrial and TricorBraun Industrial Services (TBIS), we offer reconditioning and recycling services for industrial drums, totes, and other intermediate bulk containers using the industry’s standard reconditioning process. Getting the maximum use out of each drum through reconditioning can significantly reduce the carbon footprint when compared to using new drums. 

A study by Ernst & Young found that a reconditioned open-head steel drum produces only about 39% of the CO2e  emissions when compared to manufacturing and one-time use of a new drum. The study yielded similar results (36%) for tight-head drums. The big reason: reconditioning eliminates the extraction and processing of iron-ore and other raw materials. This makes reconditioning a sustainable process that’s a win-win-win for your business, your stakeholders, and our planet. It's also a win for our business, as doing the right thing related to environmental, social, and governance at TricorBraun Industrial is an extension of our core values and operating principles.

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